The sixth batch of Mansoura Manchester programme

The sixth batch of Mansoura Manchester programme
Professor: Alaa Mosbah , Mansoura Manchester programme

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Listening to the fetal heartbeat

You can use either Pinard stethoscope or other listening devices such as fetal Doppler . . Listen carefully for a “Lub Dub” sound. Pinard horns continue to be used around the world, particularly by midwives, but also by doctors and nurses. Pinard horns are the most common fetal stethoscopes in much of Europe, even today, which surprises some doctors from the United States, where a Doppler fetal monitor is standard.  A Doppler device can detect a heart tone farther away from the location of origin. A Pinard horn must be pressed to a location very close to the fetal heart in order to detect it,

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